Gay Weddings Are Taking the Wedding Industry by Storm!

It’s no news that with marriage equality, the wedding industry has finally changed for the better. If you’re also a supporter of gay weddings like me, there is indeed no better time than this for you to be in.

Same-sex weddings were all over the news during legalization, and are all over the market today. The market is rather lucrative towards them as they continue to grow. But, did you know that gay weddings are now a millennial industry of their own?

They are rapidly adding up as an asset to industries in and around the wedding market. It is not wrong to say that they’ve taken the wedding industry by a storm. Here’s why – 

They are great for the economy

Legalization of gay weddings has increased revenue of all sorts.

From the venues to the hotels to the shops, every business has seen a rise in sales. Not only these, but honeymoon spots have also been benefitted with a rise in business.

A few years back, the Forbes magazine had said that “Legalizing same-sex marriages would mean a windfall for the wedding industry.” And with legislation, this has only been proved right today.

With the hike in revenue, the industry has also been able to include more job opportunities. After all, a greater economy suggests better employment too. Not only that, LGBTQ couples tend to have a larger budget around their weddings.

I can assure the same from my personal experience in conducting both kinds of weddings.

Gay weddings are usually a grand affair due to the demand of celebration that they deserve.

But, how does it help the market? Well, a grand wedding means better business and is hence a better contributor to the economy, isn’t it? 

They are a creative revolution

Are you a photographer looking for creative shoots? Are you a writer penning down a love story? Are you a wedding planner hoping for a change? Or are you just someone tired of trying to relate to the traditions?

Gay weddings are a delightful change to your monotonous chores.

More because they ditch traditions and question the gender biases. Every time a concept is broken or amended through a gay wedding, there’s a market for creative inputs. Social media enthusiasts and supporters agree about the creative liberty that it offers. And so do I.

After all, this blog is also a result of the same, isn’t it?

Not only that, gay weddings ensure that there’s room for creativity for anybody involved in it. They involve creative planning and an out-of-the-box thought process in every department. For instance, in one of the weddings I conducted, the grooms walked the runner together. The pictures of which, swarmed social media for a week after that.