Map out the Perfect Wedding Reception

So, you are getting married. Congratulations! Now, you must be a busy bee making the essential preparations. You might be excited to choose centerpieces, finding the right wedding dress, deciding the wedding linens and much more.

However, you need a perfect layout for a smooth wedding reception. It doesn’t matter whether your wedding reception venue is an art gallery or country club, the dance floor, tables, stage, and bars will have a major impact on the reception.

Here are a few tips for setting the right wedding reception room.  

Decide the location of the dance floor and stage first

Keeping the dimensions of the room in mind, decide where you will put the dance floor. If the venue is established, you may have good suggestions in hand. However, if it is not the case, you may have to come up with your own ideas.

Once you have decided this part, select what will lie at the center of the entire layout. The bride, groom, immediate family members will take center stage.

Use the wedding party as the center of the arrangement with VIP tables on either side reserved for close family. It is a great way to fit the rest of the reception layouts in place. 

Select tables

Once the floor plan is concrete, it is time to fill it. Choose the shape and size of your table. It will help you to give the final shape to the layout. Also, decide whether you and your spouse will take a seat at a sweetheart table or will be joining the party at a long king’s table.

In either setting, you both will be in a central location – from where most of the guests can see you as well as the band. Decide the tables for guests – round, square, or rectangular. Keep the number of guests that can fit each table in mind. 

Arrange the tables and decide the linen

Now as you are sure what kind of tables and chairs you will be using, it is time to decide the linen. To be a perfect host, you need gorgeous chair covers, table linens, table runners, napkins and much more. Make sure that they go well with the décor. Your tables and chairs are now ready to welcome the guests.