Modern HIV and AIDS medication

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that affects the human immune system by reducing the number of T-lymphocytes (cells that fight infections) and thereby reducing the body’s ability to cope with various diseases. If you need to buy HIV/AIDS medication, you should first consult a doctor who will explain the different medications and dosages in detail. This will help you to get an opportunity to treat the disease effectively and create all the necessary conditions for you to get rid of unwanted symptoms and to strengthen your immune system. 

HIV goes through 5 periods in its development:

  • incubation;
  • primary manifestations;
  • latent;
  • secondary illnesses;
  • terminal (AIDS), the lethal stage.

AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is the last, fifth stage of the spread of HIV in the body.

The cure for HIV/AIDS

Even the latest medications cannot completely cure HIV. But modern research proves that HIV-infected people have the opportunity to live a full, active, and long life. So it is important to detect the problem as early as possible and begin treatment. This will help you to find effective methods and get exactly the result that will be effective in your situation.

There are two categories of medications for human immunodeficiency virus:

  • Drugs against the virus itself (antiretroviral therapy);
  • Pills aimed at other infections that develop in the background of HIV.

When HIV is detected, treatment is lifelong. Combining both categories of medications is an effective solution that reduces the likelihood of opportunistic infections (those that arise during HIV/AIDS and lead to death) and prolongs life. The immunodeficiency virus is very insidious and can become immune (resistant) to the medications used, so periodic changes of medications are made throughout treatment to further inhibit the infection.

Special antiretroviral medications are routinely used to treat HIV-infection and AIDS, and this treatment is called antiretroviral therapy. Such drugs have a direct effect on the virus, effectively blocking the action of its enzymes, as well as blocking the ability of the virus to reproduce.

It is worth noting that highly active antiretroviral therapy does not provide a complete cure for HIV infection, but often the suppression of the virus can be so effective that even some highly sensitive tests fail to detect its presence in the blood. Depending on what principle of action each individual drug has, it will fall into one of several types:

  1. Fusion/penetration inhibitors;
  2. Protease inhibitors;
  3. Integrase inhibitors;
  4. Reverse transcriptase inhibitors.

An inhibitor is a delaying, stopping drug; as a consequence, its main action is to suppress the virus at various stages of its life cycle. Some drugs may include two or even three different antiviral drugs that belong to the same or different classes at the same time. In the vast majority of cases, it is common to use several drugs that belong to different classes simultaneously, and it is worth noting that combined therapy is much more effective and also minimizes the risk that the virus will develop even the slightest resistance to the means of treatment.

If you want to buy drugs for AIDS, it is important to find a reliable pharmacy first. You can also support your body with modern Vitamins / Minerals to help you achieve a comprehensive effect. This approach to treatment will help you to regain a full life and create all the necessary conditions for it to be of high quality. The main prerequisite is to contact specialists who will help you to find the best way of treatment.