Properties of Testoviron

T estoviron Depot is an ester that is a complete analogue of the male hormone testosterone. It has a pronounced anabolic and androgenic effect. Unlike the hormone produced by our body, it has a prolonged action – up to two weeks. For medical purposes, it is used for uterine fibroids, osteoporosis, in menopause, in adolescent puberty disorders, as well as oncology of the mammary glands. An effective steroid Testoviron Depot in Ukraine can be bought in our online store.

Properties of Testoviron

Due to its properties Testoviron provides:

  1. rapid growth of muscle mass;
  2. when following a diet, it burns fat well;
  3. forms secondary male sexual characteristics;
  4. quickly restores the body after exercise;
  5. has a pronounced pumping effect ;
  6. stimulates cell regeneration;
  7. improves the functioning of joints;
  8. increases bone strength.

Application of the drug

Based on the instructions for Testoviron Depot , this anabolic drug should be taken in a course of 6 to 10 weeks, with a recommended weekly dose of 250 mg If the dose is too large, the substance will have an anti – anabolic effect, which will lead to health problems. It is enough to take Testoviron once a week. If you want to achieve a quick effect, you need to start taking gonadotropin and under the supervision of a doctor and trainer, you can inject the drug twice a week, 150-200 mg each.

In order , to minimize the possibility of side reactions, it is desirable to take the drug Proviron® and / or inhibitors of aromatase . The introduction of these drugs begins two weeks after the first administration of Testoviron and continues for another seven days after the end of the main course.

After the course, in order to maintain the gained mass, you should use a cortisol blocker and adhere to a high-calorie diet.

Female athletes should avoid taking the drug, as there is a high risk of developing virilization.

After reading the review of Testoviron Depot , you can describe it as a highly effective anabolic that requires careful intake.

Side effects and contraindications

To achieve the desired result and reduce the risk of side effects, it is recommended to regularly take tests for estradiol: before starting therapy, during and after the introduction of additional substances.

The biggest drawback of the drug is its high aromatization. That is, it can convert to estrogen. As a result, gynecomastia and generalized edema appear

When using Testosterone Depot, a number of side effects are possible:

  • aggression;
  • acne ;
  • alopecia ;
  • violation of spermatogenesis and, as a result, a decrease in the testes;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • female-type fat deposition (with severe drug abuse).

If you notice at least one side reaction, consult a trainer, and preferably a doctor. Perhaps it is enough to reduce the dose, or you should still abandon the drug.