Unique Wedding Gifts

Coming up with ideas for unique wedding gifts for the couple can be a challenge. Most wedding guests try to discover unique wedding gifts, making the uniqueness harder to come by. The method to come up with ideas for unique gifts is to think about the couple the gift is for and the things which they would enjoy for example, some modern couples enjoy cooking fine foods.

A unique wedding gift for this couple would be a gift certificate to a gourmet cooking course or purchasing quality cooking ingredients, such a hard to come by spices and oils would be a interesting gift. Specialty cookware and accessories. A gift certificate to a specialty cooking store would also be thoughtful. A gift basket filled with gourmet foods or a gourmet recipe book are also great ideas.

If the wedding couple are globe trotters, a unique gift would be a subscription to a travel magazine or perhaps a piece of luggage with travel necessities packed inside. If the wedding couple prefer quiet times at home a nice gift would be a DVD of a favorite movie with popcorn, candy, a book of movie reviews for a movie night.

If the couple has children a unique wedding gift would be giving the couple gift certificates for several nights or even a weekend of babysitting. The individual giving the gift can either baby sit the children or arrange for a favorite babysitter of the family to baby sit as needed and then to be paid by them. This a gift any couple would definitely appreciate.