What Causes Pre-Wedding Jitters and How to Tame Them

Have butterflies in your stomach every time you think about the BIG day? Get trouble sleeping and eating? Quarrel with your sweetheart about the scenario or how to make your wedding website? The sight of the wedding dress makes you doubt you are doing right tying your life to this person? Pre-wedding stress is quite normal; however, there is always a possibility that the anxiety is caused by something more serious than just nerves.

If you feel that this bad feeling overtakes you, you need to sort yourself out right away. You don’t want it to steal your happiness before the best day in your life, do you? Some urgent inner work is required to help you understand the real cause so that you could fix the issue and truly enjoy being a bride and a groom.

We’ll begin with possible reasons for pre-wedding anxiety and then move on to managing pre-wedding jitters with simple techniques that help dispel all worries.

Possible causes of pre-wedding jitters

The wedding day itself

Although so long-awaited, well-planned, and absolutely the most beautiful, the wedding day can hide lots of challenges that causes pre-wedding jitters.

For example, the reason can be the perfectionism of a bride or a groom when too much energy is wasted on details instead of focusing on and enjoying the whole picture. Another stress factor  that causes pre-wedding jitters can be the presence of many family members with their whims and expectations.

Even being at the center of attention the whole day can be worse than death for some future brides and grooms.

You are afraid of repeating your parent’s mistakes

Our parents have a huge impact on how we approach the married life. Some of us come from imperfect families where violence, neglect, anger, or estrangement was a norm that can wedding panic.

If you have fears associated with following this blueprint and doubts before marriage, you have to understand that, after all, you don’t have to. It’s up to you to decide what will be the norms of your own family.