Basic taboos of female attraction

The word taboo means a strict prohibition against doing anything under the fear of heaven’s punishment. In our civilized age, those who violate modern taboos are punished at once – with inattention and the stigma of being an uninteresting and unattractive woman. So what are they, the taboos for an attractive woman in modern society, whose main religion is the relationship between the sexes? If you’re interested in Los Angeles date ideas, it’s worth considering our tips.

Foul language

The use of strong words is only acceptable to the face of portly movers. Yes, situations in which crudity begs for the tongue, inevitably occur. It all depends on the circumstances – sometimes you can allow a meaningful pause in its place. And yet, in most cases, it is worth refraining from this as well.

There can be no reason to apologize. Once you get used to using foul language to outline a tragic situation at work in a conversation with your girlfriend, you will inevitably get used to saying them on principle. You can’t keep two different behaviors “in reserve,” or inevitably the worst one will come out when you least expect it.

Too much makeup

Most men don’t understand why women need makeup at all. But while some men don’t understand the reasons for using makeup, absolutely everyone doesn’t understand bright “coloring.” Lilac lips, green eyelids and crimson cheekbones will not leave anyone indifferent – horror cannot be considered indifference. In addition, men do not like to eat cosmetics, and at the sight of a heavily colored lady no thought of kissing that face does not arise for fear of severe food poisoning.

The reason for the apology is a masquerade ball or Halloween. Well, or a couple of other cases where excessively extravagant makeup requires the situation. In all other cases – moderation, moderation and more moderation.


Building a reasonable relationship with alcohol is quite simple: you need to know the measure. Alcohol consumption leads to irreversible consequences for your body. Besides, there is no sadder sight in the world than a drunken young lady. And, believe me, when a man says that he likes tipsy girls, he probably means one of two things: either he is attracted to the availability that is inherent in women with high alcohol content in the blood, or the blush on her cheeks and sparkle in her eyes. The blush and glitter appear after the first glass of wine, and the amount of it does not mean your appearance has improved.

Reason to apologize: almost all of us have had situations where slaying alcohol mistakenly seemed like a way out of a difficult situation. But never, remember, never look for such an outlet in the company of friends, in the company of a man, or at any kind of party. If you want to use date night ideas Los Angeles, then remember this rule.

Carelessness in appearance

Here’s just do not confuse ostentatious casual with demonstrative unkemptness. Protruding elastic band in panties, visible through the close-fitting clothes ornaments on the clothes, the use of shiny elements in everyday clothing, shabby manicure – all this looks, at least, unpleasant. Clothing is too different in texture fabrics, especially if things are the same color, dark tights with light shoes leaves the impression of incoherence and total dislike. 

Don’t believe the famous saying, as if the rules are written to be broken. Basically, breaking the above rules leads to the destruction of something positive and pleasant, spoiling the impression of a woman. The impression can be corrected, but in no way can it be made anew. 

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