Treatment methods for erectile dysfunction in men

Every man who faces the problem of erectile dysfunction experiences a great deal of stress and shock. Emotions run high. And to solve such a problem we often run to the doctor. The doctor can advise different methods to increase potency in men. In some situations, the doctor may advise the use of kamagra gel or other medications. Let’s take a closer look at the main methods of treating erectile dysfunction.

How is erectile dysfunction treated?

Treatment therapy is aimed at eliminating the cause of the pathology. Treatment may be carried out by taking medication, special physical exercises, and in some cases it is more appropriate to perform surgery. Therapy of erectile dysfunction in men may be carried out with the participation of an endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist and other narrow specialists, if necessary.

Treatment methods for erectile dysfunction in men

  • Medication. Medications in the form of capsules, tablets or creams improve blood circulation in the penis. Drugs relax the muscles and restore blood flow, and are able to maintain a man’s natural sexual desire for a long period of time.
  • If the pills do not help the patient, the doctor may prescribe intracavertal injections. Just before intercourse, a vasodilator is injected under the skin of the penis with a syringe.
  • Physical exercises and massage. A special set of exercises, massage or self-massage of the pubic area, pelvis and perineum stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the perineal muscles. Some of these exercises include deep squats, walking in place with a high knee elevation and raising the pelvis from a supine position.
  • Therapeutic physical exercises are used as auxiliary measures in the treatment of any form of pathology.
  • Surgical operation. It is carried out when conservative methods of treatment are ineffective. There are several types of operations on the penis. When the pathology of the cavernous bodies of the penis is carried out prosthetics. When pathology of the veno occlusive mechanism of the penis (accelerated outflow of blood during sexual excitement) vein ligation is performed.

Prevention of the disease

Specialists recommend adhering to a proper diet, giving up bad habits in the form of smoking and drinking alcohol, monitoring the state of blood pressure and doing feasible physical exercises. Don’t forget to visit your doctor in time (at least once every six months) and get checked by narrow specialists.